VIP Guests

Meet our VIP guests. They have come from various backgrounds, some unwanted pets, some rescued from slaughter, some retired from labs, and some had been given up for adoption. They literally add life to the garden.


Linda & Stella have enjoyed two Christmases of freedom. Sweet natured, affectionate, inquisitive. Majestic and exalted, they keep their heads way above the politics and infighting.


Meenie, Minie & Mo. Originally destined for the duck meat industry, where they would never have seen any water apart from the drinking water nozzle. They LOVE water in any form, in any place. Even being showered by the hose.
Every little thing about ducks is so very ducky.


West Side Gang

Noah. Leader of the West Side. With an impressive stature and dominating violent streak, he rules across all territories. Every morning he growls at his front door demanding his release. Approach with caution, and with food.
Binky. Rabbit ambassador, she liases with the humans by allowing herself to be picked up to improve the public image of her unruly community.
Storm. West Side stalwart of solid character, a central bonding and peacekeeping influence, she keeps the team tight.
Carpet. A tolerated migrant refugee from the East Side. She gets to stay by keeping out of the way.

East Side Gang

Grumpy. "I don't got this".
Grumpy & Poppy. Grumpy is the reluctant and frankly failed leader of East Side Gang. He reigns only by virtue of being the only man in the gang. Poppy remains his encouraging first lady, despite his shortcomings.
Monkey. Has had a pampered past as a well loved house rabbit but is now enjoying life on the wild side as the new East Side girl.
Sneezy - An East Side O.G. riding her fortune of being released by Bristol University vet school.
Sexy Lexy. The saving grace of her motley crew. Apparently a 'Lion Head' breed, but breed means nothing when you have flicks to die for.



Floosie, Petal & Mumsie.
"I see you left me some. Is that your idea of compassion?"
Mumsie sunning herself (RIP)

Cornish Cross

Avalanche (R.I.P) & Lunar
Lunar, 2 years later. I'm still standing, better than I ever did. Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid.

Guinea Pigs

Coco and Guinea. Coco is Guinea's new boyfriend he met on guinea-tinder. Several months later, they are still enjoying their first date.

House Guests

Chubba in Total Liberty pose. The only obligate carnivore in the village. And doesn't he know it.
Betty "Bloody vegans!"
Skitso in his favourite hangout. When you're 150 million years old, and know absolutely everything, there's nothing left to do except strike a pose and stare knowingly.
Skitso trying to look normal
Skitso in his best light
Skitso in your face!
Betty good girl not eating animals.