Plant Based Retreat & Animal Sanctuary

Apart from being vegan, we’re quite a typical couple. I’m Fiaz, the technical one, and my wife Jacqui is the planner and organiser. I built the accommodation and the website, but she built the business. We’re both passionate and we both have the hospitality bug! We are very experienced hosts and also keep rescued rabbits and chickens roaming free in the garden during the day. So naturally, we also welcome guests who are traveling with companion animals.

We are passionate vegans motivated by compassion for the voiceless animals and respect for our tired Earth. We’re lucky enough to be able to incorporate veganism into our business life too. We get our fix of preaching by taking part in weekly street outreach events where we encourage people to explore the concepts and rewards of veganism through questioning our assumptions of welfare, sustainability, rights and choices around animals and food.

Small Animal Rescue
Our VIP guests are granted a free stay for life. It is an important part of what we do. Having someone to look after is good for the soul.
Although mainly a great inconvenience, it is a pleasure to watch these lucky souls who have landed on their feet and are finally allowed to do the little things that make them who they are. Dirt baths, digging, sunbathing, having ‘food fights’ and playing territorial gangsta tag as well as the surprisingly high level and collaborative behaviour taken up by the rabbits of Perimeter Penetration Testing!

Non Profit Activism T-Shirt Store
We have also created a non profit printed t-shirt store with our own designs ( which supports vegan outreach events and animal rescue.