Some of our special guests on retreat. Reflecting and recharging before going back to the front.

Your Neighbour Kills Puppies - Tom Harris

Life long animal rights activist Tom Harris talks about his in depth book on the historic and global SHAC campaign (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) and its crippling impact on the international animal testing corporation Huntingdon Life Sciences.
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Vegan Cancer Survivor on Drugs and Food

Two times breast cancer survivor shares her experience of radiotherapy, drugs, and healing herself with food.

Ronnie Lee & Louise Ryan - Decentralised and Leaderless Animal Liberation Front

Is damage to property violence? - Camp Beagle National Outreach - Why are less younger people active? - Is Veganism neutral? - System change or personal change? - Healthcare system.

Vegan Queen V and Jessica Diamond

Vegan activist musicians sing, play and talk activism including following your passion, album releases, and of course, Camp Beagle.

Mikey from Camp Beagle

An activist from Camp Beagle, the world's longest continuous animal rights protest camp outside MBR Acres Ltd, the UK's biggest breeder of beagle puppies for experimentation and toxicology testing, talks about campaigning, his origins into protesting and which cruelty free logo to trust.

John Curtin

John Curtin, Animal Rights Veteran remembers activist Jill Phipps who was tragically killed at just 31 whilst defending calves at a live export protest. Plus, Camp Beagle, vivisection, social media for campaigning, the Interfauna beagle liberation, and the fox hunting karmic gyrocopter death story.

Scarlett Beagle

An interview with her adoptive parents Janie and Phil, discussing her first two years in a toxicology lab, the secrecy, the science and the end of animal testing.

Dr Alice Brough

Ex Agricultural pig vet turned vegan animal rights activist, Dr Alice Brough talks about her new life as an activist, including her part in the soon to be released Alex Lockwood documentary 'The End of Medicine'.

Juliet Gellatley from 'Viva!'

Juliet Gellatley discusses changes and progress in animal rights activism. She is a writer, speaker, animal rights activist and founder of Bristol based charity Viva! - who campaign for animals, environment and health.

Juliet very kindly gave this interview to Everyday Activism at The Base Retreat in Bristol in September 2020.