Donate towards:

  • the feed and care of rescued animals at The Base Vegan Retreat & Animal Sanctuary.
  • the free print and postage of outreach leaflets, cards and stickers
  • the supply of cost price activism placards, t-shirts and hoodies.

Everyday Activism is a non profit created and run by Fiaz & Jacqui. Since August 2021, they have been focusing on the ‘Camp Beagle’ exposure campaign and have been regularly staying at Camp Beagle.

Everyday Activism does not pay wages or personal expenses and is mostly funded by The Base Retreat with significant help from the public . For the Camp Beagle campaign alone Everyday Activism has spent around £7,000 to date (Mar 2022) on leaflets, stickers and postage, with around £2,000 of that being public donations.

Donations go directly towards the cost of more free leaflets, stickers, cards, banners, placards etc, and also the feed and care of the rescued animals at the The Base Retreat’s animal sanctuary.