Eating Out in Bristol

Bristol's diverse range of fully vegan restaurants

What a diverse choice in Bristol, the UK's vegan capital!

Forget vegan options! Only fully vegan restaurants are listed here.

Vegan India (fully vegan)

Bristol's first and only 100% vegan indian restaurant is here! It's full of happy vegans (and non!) and the food just gets better every time we go (and we've been every week!)

Restaurant owner 'Jewel' and his team are creating delicious fully vegan traditional Bangladeshi Indian food.

Pastan (fully vegan)

Bristol's first and only 100% vegan pasta restaurant is also here. It's plant based pasta, turned up a few notches. True, a bit pricey but very nicey!

Koocha Mezze Bar (fully vegan)

Koocha serves generous portions of veganised traditional Persian dishes like ghemimeh and ghormeh sabzi and traditional favourites such as fattoush salad and falafel.

No, I don't know what any of that is either, but the last time I went there, 4 mezze dishes and a portion of that bread had me warm and fuzzy all over, then deliriously semi-comatose. But then came the baklava and ice cream was a good way to go.

Eden Cafe, Clifton (fully vegan)

Regularly changing menu of local, premium, seasonal ingredients with a touch of sweet indulgence too.

Based in Clifton Village (Bristol's own bit of Bath), why not make a day of it and check out Clifton Suspension Bridge over the Avon Gorge.

Oowee Diner (only the Baldwin St branch is fully vegan)

Serving ‘dirty’ vegan burgers and fries, Oowee Diner is booming, offering some of the best vegan food in Bristol.

We love their juicy, relish-smothered, cheesy burgers and spicy sauces. You can top off your meal with a wicked doughnut, cookie dough, or a Freakshake.

Vx (fully vegan)

If it’s vegan comfort food you’re after, Vx offers creamy macaroni cheese and tasty quesadillas, soya steaks and pulled jackfruit toasties.

It’s not just the mains that are mouthwatering – the desserts, in particular the salted caramel brownies, will leave you feeling truly satisfied.

Cafe Kino (fully vegan)

Making their own burgers, salads, dressings, relishes, mayonnaise, salsa and dips from scratch, Cafe Kino is a long standing, vibrant, non-profit, workers coop, vegan cafe-bar and community meeting place, with a strong ethical focus.

Pure Bristol!