Why Is Bristol the Vegan Capital of the World? Our Take as THE Bristol Vegan B&B.

You may have heard that the city of Bristol has been named as the vegan capital of the world, according to research published in The Independent.

As owners of a Vegan B&B in Bristol, we are in a unique position to explain why we wholeheartedly agree.

We arrived in Bristol 15 years ago and felt right at home from day one.

Over this time, we’ve seen Bristol become the heart of the vegan revolution, which is not only evident in the huge array of venues selling vegan food and products but in the broader vegan community encouraging people to think and live differently and above all, compassionately.

The Bristol Vegan Community

Over the years, many compassionate organizations have found their home in Bristol, working tirelessly to promote veganism in our city and all around the country.

Here are just a few brilliant examples of what Bristol’s vegan side has to offer:

The U.K’s leading vegan campaigning charity has been operating from its Bristol headquarters since 1994.

Exposing the horrors of factory farming through creative and dynamic nation-wide campaigns, Viva! is one of the many Bristol vegan charities spearheading the vegan revolution for a more sustainable future.

Animal Justice Project is another Bristol grown non-profit committed to promoting veganism, focusing on undercover investigations and daring exposés as its main means of advocacy.

Whether the team is campaigning for a country-wide ban on vivisection or for a stop animal experimentation at Bristol university, Animal Justice Project is the perfect example of animal rights activism in Bristol: Boundary-pushing, driven, and effective!

Like many other major cities in the U.K., Bristol also serves as a public stage for Anonymous for the Voiceless, the global initiative and vegan organization using direct action to edify the public to the horrors of factory farming.

Vegan Bristol comes together in this Facebook group, a great resource for both seasoned Bristolians and vegans new to the city.

This is the perfect place to connect with like-minded people, share tips, vegan finds, and opinions on the best Bristol vegan spots!


Your one-stop for everything vegan in Bristol, Vegan Bristol is a great directory when looking for vegan eateries, plant-based cafes, health food shops, cruelty-free trinkets, and everything else in between.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of resources when vegan in Bristol, and we are also committed to playing a valuable role in the growth of the vegan capital of the world!

As the owners of the most notable vegan B&B in Bristol, we are enjoying being part of the movement by selling T-shirts to fund the free distribution of veganism cards and leaflets, taking part in street outreach events promoting veganism, and not to mention building The Base Retreat & Animal Sanctuary.

The best vegan restaurants in Bristol

We also love eating out and we love to support our local independent vegan businesses, so we’re mentioning them here.

Many of the Bristol’s vegan restaurants have adapted to the current situation, surviving by providing takeaway and delivery, so please do try out these great places if you’re looking for excellent vegan food in Bristol.

Koocha Mezze Bar (fully vegan)

Koocha serves generous portions of veganised traditional Persian dishes like ghemimeh and ghormeh sabzi and traditional favourites such as fattoush salad and falafel.

They source all of their ingredients locally, so you are supporting many local businesses by patronising Koocha.

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Oowee Diner (fully vegan)

Serving ‘dirty’ vegan burgers and fries, Oowee Diner is booming, offering some of the best vegan food in Bristol.

We love their juicy, relish-smothered, cheesy burgers and spicy sauces. You can top off your meal with a wicked doughnut, cookie dough, or a Freakshake.

Order on Deliveroo, click and collect available!

Vx (fully vegan)

If it’s vegan comfort food you’re after, Vx offers creamy macaroni cheese and tasty quesadillas, soya steaks and pulled jackfruit toasties.

It’s not just the mains that are mouthwatering – the desserts, in particular the salted caramel brownies, will leave you feeling truly satisfied.

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Flow (veggie/vegan)

We adore this gem of a fine dining restaurant with attentive, authentic staff in the city centre.

Flow only uses the best local ingredients and takes inspiration from a number of different cultures. You can tuck into dishes such as aubergine with sesame, pickled kohlrabi, tahini, peaches and slow cooked chard or smoked paprika houmous with pickles, urfa oil, and khorasan crackers.

Their website says they are closed at the moment but looking forward to reopening after lockdown!

Earthcake (fully vegan)

This cafe, situated on one of the best streets in Bristol for vegan food, serves a first-class afternoon tea.

You’ll get scones served with cream and jam, a selection of sandwiches and cakes, plus tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

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Gopals Curry Shack (veggie/vegan)

Here you’ll find beautiful bhajis, ginger and parsnip pakroas, jackfruit jalfrezi, and huge portions of samosa chaat.

They are offering next day delivery during lockdown, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to sample some of the best vegan food in Bristol!

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The Bristolian (veggie/vegan)

If you’re a fan of breakfasts, The Bristolian serves huge vegan Full English breakfasts complete with tofu scramble and homemade baked beans. They are offering click and collect during lockdown, so if you are a vegan in Bristol, don’t think twice about placing your order!

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Explore all that vegan Bristol has to offer!

We hope you get to try out some of this delicious food, a great representation of the amazing vegan options Bristol has to offer.

As our vegan B&B continues to grow, we can’t wait to see how many more initiatives and vegan restaurants are going to call Bristol home in the future.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the ins and outs of vegan Bristol, so if you want to get in touch with our UK vegan B&B, don’t hesitate to drop us a message!

Happy eating!

Jacqui and Fiaz.