Hot Tub Instructions

Safety First
Always use the steps to get in and out.
Please use plastic drinking glasses provided.
No smoking in the tub please.
If you are pregnant or have any underlying conditions please check with your doctor that it is OK to go in the hot tub.
Please do not use the hot tub if there high winds or lightning.
No jumping up and down, no swimming, no horseplay!

Opening Hours
1 day bookings: 5pm - 9pm.
Any consecutive days from 11am - 9pm
Please shower before use and wear footwear to the hot tub.

Do not leave children unattended.

Lifting the Cover
With one person on each side, lift the front of the cover up and over, folding it in half.
Now you can lift the bar up along with the cover to a vertical position.
Use the inflatable head rests for more comfort.

If there is a small padlock icon on the display, buttons will not work.
Press "MEM" two times to clear it.

Buttons 1, 2 & 3 will turn the jets on and off in the 3 corner seats.

Water Temperature
Target temperature will be between 34-36 degrees Celsius. With the cover off and jets on, the water temp cannot be increased. When you have finished just remove the headrests and replace the cover. Please leave it switched on to allow filtration to continue, we will take care of switching it off.

Quiet Time
If you want 'quiet time' and enjoy still warm water, you can switch off the heater and circulation by pressing "PREHEAT" and then wait 2 seconds.

Please avoid pressing any other buttons as this can disrupt settings and impair your enjoyment!

Please text us if you need any help.

Have Fun!