Alcoholic Drinks

20th to 22nd August inclusive

Drinks, Cocktails & Smoothies

Please advise us of any FOOD ALLERGIES by text message when ordering.
Alcohol is served to 8pm or later by arrangement, either to your room or the garden.

Prosecco, wine and beer is served by the bottle only. You can either add them to your reservation at time of booking, or order during your stay.

Prosecco on Ice

Prosecco 8 Cento £20

Special occasion not required. Although a pop of the cork and bubbles always help to make it one! A great tasting dry, controlled origin prosecco, served on ice.

75cl, 11% ABV

Served by the bottle.

Red Wine

Trashumante Tinto 2018 £14

A single grape variety (Garnacha) from Navarra, Spain gives this red wine a fresh and attractive taste.

75cl, 14% ABV

Served by the bottle.

White Wine

Trashumante Blanco 2019 £14

A clean and bright, balanced white wine from Viura and Chardonnay vines.

75cl, 12.5% ABV

Served by the bottle.

Cocktails £7

Gin & Tonic

A classic refreshing, bitter sweet gin and tonic with fresh citrus slices and Fever Tree light tonic.

Alcohol content:

50ml double measure of gin.

Espresso Martini

This uplifting two pronged approach consisting of a double espresso coffee coupled with double vodka will have you up on two feet in two ticks.

Alcohol content:
50ml 40% vodka.
25ml 20% coffee liquer

Vodka Smoothie Health Kick

Summer berries provide detoxifying antioxidants to clear your mind, body and conscience too. And vodka for that special health kick!

Blended with almond butter and topped with sesame and chia seeds.

Alcohol content:
50ml 40% vodka.